Starting out, on a wing and a prayer

Dec 8, 2015 By Matthew Friedberg

To the unknowing eye, the windowless space was a dusty storage room. But to Matthew Friedberg and Sal Caramanna, it was a big city legal office?—?their office.

When the two criminal lawyers, who had articled together in the mid-‘90s, decided to start their own firm more than a decade ago, they were living the dream and flying by the seats of their pants.

“We were young and didn’t know what we were doing,” says Friedberg. “We wanted to keep our costs down and we realized we needed to get some sort of space but we ended up renting a storage space with no windows and calling it an office. It was in a law chambers with boxes of other people’s files. We plugged in a phone that I brought from home and we called it an office.”

Law schools don’t tell you about the triumphant feeling you get when you walk into a secondhand furniture store to pick up some used desks and chairs, but to Friedberg and Caramanna, everything they bought was mahogany and fine leather.

Within a year, they had outgrown their glorified storage closet and moved into something new, featuring some much-appreciated windows.

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