Introduction of segregation time limits a good start

Jun 30, 2017 By Matthew Friedberg

 The introduction of legislation that would limit how long prison inmates can remain in solitary confinement is a good start, says Toronto criminal lawyer Matthew Friedberg. "I think the end goal should be to abolish segregation — it’s inhumane. But certainly, it’s a good beginning to have limitations on it," he tells "This is long overdue."

Friedberg, a partner with Caramanna Friedberg LLP, says increased accountability and a review process to monitor the use of segregation is needed. "It’s very concerning to me that we don’t already have such time limits in place," he says. "It’s a hangover from the 19th century."

If the legislation passes, the law would, for the first time, impose time limits on the use of administrative segregation, reports the Canadian Press. "Under the current law, the Correctional Service of Canada is required to release prisoners from segregation at the earliest possible time," says the article.

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