Criminal Court Haters, Take Note: What the #believethevictims Movement Fails to Recognize

Apr 19, 2018 By Matthew Friedberg

No one condones sexual violence, harassment, assault or anything of that nature against women, or anyone else. Not the Judges, Courts, or Defence Lawyers. However, the sharp and profound movement that villanizes any participant of the criminal justice system that is involved in the acquittal of an accused who is alleged to have sexually assaulted one or more women was ignited after Marie Heinen’s admirable defence of Jian Ghomeshi. Since then, the internet has been full of ignorant representations of the justice system, and positions that deny the presumption of innocence to anyone charged with a sexual assault. Editorials, reports, blogs and articles drone on and on about the despicable justice system participants that are allegedly complicit in condoning sexual violence.

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