Proposal incentivizes companies to report corporate crime

Jun 3, 2018 By Matthew Friedberg

A federal proposal that would allow prosecutors to suspend criminal charges against companies in certain types of corporate crime cases may provide the right kind of incentive for self-reporting wrong-doing, Toronto criminal lawyer Matthew Friedberg tells “In principle, this may be a very good thing to help fight corporate crime,” he says.

Friedberg, a partner with Caramanna Friedberg LLP, comments after the Canadian Press reported that the new proposal is included in the federal government’s 582-page budget legislation. The proposal indicates that Ottawa intends to move forward with an amendment to the Criminal Code that would create an optional tool called a “deferred prosecution agreement” for the Crown, says the article. 

“Such agreements are designed to encourage more companies to come forward to self-report corporate crimes and to identify individuals for prosecution. If it lives up to its end of the bargain, the company as a whole would avoid facing serious criminal charges, which could include bribery, corruption and insider trading,” says the newswire.

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