Award Winning Criminal Lawyers - Accepting Criminal Cases in Ottawa Ontario

From October 4 to 29, 2021, Canadian Lawyer Magazine conducted a survey to select the top boutique criminal law firms in Canada. From an extensive list of candidates, respondents ranked the top firms in this category in Canada, including Ottawa in the Region in Ontario. Survey participants were asked to rank the top criminal law firms by region. Voters chose ten top boutique criminal law firms in Ontario, with Caramanna Friedberg LLP being selected as one of the top ten.

Caramanna, Friedberg LLP is a leading criminal defence law firm located in Ontario. The firm provides comprehensive legal advice and vigorously protects the rights of clients facing criminal charges including the following.

  • Domestic Assault: forcible confinement, utter threats, mischief to property;
  • Sexual Offences: sexual assault, sexual exploitation, invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference;
  • Drinking and Driving Offences: impaired driving, over 80, refuse breath sample, dangerous driving, fail to remain;
  • Drug Offences: drug trafficking, drug possession, possession for the purpose of trafficking, drug importation, conspiracy to traffic drugs, drug production and grow-ops;
  • Bail Hearings: bail hearings for all offences, bail revocation hearings, bail reviews, bail variations, bail estreatment hearings;
  • Assault: non-domestic assault, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, assaulting a police officer;
  • Property Crimes: theft, shoplifting, possession of stolen property, possession of burglar tools, robbery, mischief under $5,000;
  • Homicide: murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death;
  • Weapons Offences: possession of a weapon, weapons dangerous, carry concealed weapon, possession of guns;
  • Fraud: including large-scale frauds, uttering forged documents, breaches of trust, impersonation;
  • Harassment: criminal harassment;
  • Administration of Justice Crimes: fail to comply with bail, obstruct police, obstruct justice, perjury, fail to appear, public mischief
  • Criminal Law Appeals: appeals of conviction and sentence, bail pending appeal, crown initiated appeals, appeals of POA charges;
  • Extradition: to foreign countries and transfer of prisoners from foreign countries to Canada.

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Larchwood Ave, Larkin St, Larose Ave, Lasalle St, Latchford Rd, Lats Pvt, Lauder Dr, Laurel St, Laurentian Pl, Laurier Ave, Lawn Ave, Lawson Ave, Laxton Cres, Lazard St, Leaside Ave, Leboutillier Ave, Lebreton St, Leckie Pvt, Ledbury Ave, Leeds Ave, Lees Ave, Legacy Rd, Leighton Terr, Lemay Cres, Lenester Ave, Lennox park Ave, Léonard Ave, Leopolds Dr, Lepage Ave, Leslie Ave, Letchworth Rd, Lett St, Lewis St, Lexington St, Leyland Pvt, Lilas Pvt, Lilibet Cres, Lillico Dr, Lincoln Ave, Lincoln heights Rd, Lindbergh Pvt, Linden Terr, Lindenlea Rd, Lindenpark Pvt, Lindsay St, Linton Rd, Lisgar St, Little london Pvt, Liverpool Crt, Livingstone Ave, Lochaber Ave, Lockhart Ave, Lodge Rd, Logan Ave, Lola St, London Terr, Lonsdale Rd, Loon Lane, Loosestrife Way, Loretta Ave, Lorne Ave, Lorne greene Way, Lorraine Ave, Lorry greenberg Dr, Louisa St, Louisiana Ave, Louis-pasteur Pvt, Lovitt Rd, Lowrey St, Luc St, Lyman St, Lynda Lane, Lyndale Ave, Lynhurst Ave, Lynwood Ave, Lyon St, Lysander Pl, Macdonald St, Macfarlane Ave, Mackay St, Maclaren St, Maclean St, Macoun Cir, Macy Blvd, Madawaska Dr, Madhu Cres, Madison Ave, Mafeking Ave, Magnus Ave, Mailes Ave, Main St, Maitland Ave, Major St, Makadewa Pvt, Makwa Pvt, Malartic Ave, Malden Sq, Malhotra Crt, Malibu Terr, Mallard Ave, Malone Cres, Manchester Ave, Manhattan Cres, Manitou Dr, Manju St, Mann Ave, Manorhill Pvt, Mansfield Ave, Maple Lane, Maple park Pvt, Maplecrest Ave, Maplewood Ave, Marble Cres, Marcel St, Marchand St, Marché Way, Marco Lane, Margrave Ave, Marguerite Ave, Marie St, Marie-curie Pvt, Marielle Crt, Marilyn Ave, Marion Ave, Marlborough Ave, Marlin Pvt, Marlowe Cres, Marshall Ave, Marshall Crt, Mart Cir, Martha Ave, Martin Ave, Marygrove Cir, Maryland Ave, Mason Terr, Matador Pvt, Matthews Ave, Maud St, Maurya Crt, May St, Maybank St, Mayfair Ave, Mayflower Pvt, Mayview Ave, Maywood St, Mcarthur Ave, Mcbride St, Mccarthy Rd, Mccormick St, Mcewen Ave, Mcgillivray St, Mckellar Ave, Mcleod St, Mcmaster Ave, 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Ave, Muriel St, Murray St, Muskoka Ave, Mutchmor Rd, Mutual St, Mynarski Pvt, Myrand Ave, Mystic Pvt, Nadolny sachs Pvt, Nancy smith Pvt, Naples Ave, Naughton St, Navaho Dr, Needham Cres, Neepawa Ave, Neil Way, Nelson St, Nepean St, Nerta St, Nesbitt Pl, Neville St, New orchard Ave, Newman Ave, Newmarket St, Newport Cres, Newton St, Niagara Dr, Nicholas St, Nicholson Ave, Noble Cres, Nobleton Ave, Noel St, Nolan Ave, Nora St, Noranda Ave, Norberry Cres, Noren Ave, Norfolk Ave, Norman St, Normandy Cres, North bowesville Rd, North river Rd, Northwestern Ave, Norton Ave, Norway Cres, Norwood Ave, Notman Way, Notting hill Ave, Oak park Pvt, Oak St, Oakdale Ave, Oakhaven Pvt, Oakland Ave, Oakley Ave, Oakvale Ave, Oasis Pvt, Oat straw Way, Oblate Ave, Oblats Ave, Observatory Cres, O'connor St, Ohio St, Old innes Rd, Old lilac Lane, Old riverside Dr, Old st. patrick St, Old sunset Blvd, Old town Pvt, Olympia Cres, O'meara St, Onslow Cres, Ontario St, Orangeville St, Orchard Ave, Orchid Dr, Orillia St, Orion Pvt, Orkney Pvt, Orlando Ave, Orrin Ave, Ortona Ave, Orvigale Rd, Osborne St, Osgoode St, Ossington Ave, Othello Ave, Otterson Crt, Otterson Dr, Owl Dr, Oxbow Ave, Oxford St, Ozawa Pvt, Paardeburgh Ave, Paddington Pvt, Paddy Lane, Paisley Ave, Palen Ave, Palm St, Palmer Ave, Palmer Pl, Pamilla St, Panet St, Panorama Pvt, Pansy Ave, Parent Ave, Park Ave, Parkdale Ave, Parkhaven Ave, Parkhill Cir, Parkhurst Blvd, Parkview Rd, Parkway Dr, Parnell Ave, Parr Ave, Pathway Pvt, Patola Pvt, Patricia Ave, Patro St, Pattermead Cres, Patterson Ave, Paul anka Dr, Paul Ave, Paul-émile lamarche Ave, Peach tree Lane, Pebble Rd, Peel St, Penhill Ave, Pennard Way, Penny Dr, Pentry Lane, Percy St, Peridot Pvt, Perkins St, Perthshire Pvt, Peter morand Cres, Picasso Dr, Piccadilly Ave, Pickering Pl, Picton Ave, Pigeon Terr, Pike St, Pimiwidon St, Pimlico Cres, Pinecrest Rd, Pinehurst Ave, Pinewood Cres, Pinhey St, Pinson Pvt, Pittaway Ave, Pixley Pvt, Placid St, Plante Dr, Playfair Dr, Pleasant park Rd, Plesser St, Plover Lane, Plum tree Cres, Plumber Ave, Plymouth St, Pommiers Pvt, Pondside Pvt, Pondview Cres, Pontiac St, Pooler Ave, Poplar St, Portage Ave, Portal St, Portland Ave, Poulin Ave, Powell Ave, Premier Ave, Presland Rd, Preston St, Pretoria Ave, Primrose Ave, Prince albert St, Prince charles Rd, Prince of wales Dr, Prince St, Princess patricia Way, Princeton Ave, Prindiville St, Priscilla St, Prospect Ave, Provender Ave, Provost Dr, Prudhomme Pvt, Pullen Ave, Purple martin Pvt, Putman Ave, Quarry Rd, Quebec St, Queen anne Cres, Queen elizabeth Dr, Queen elizabeth Pl, Queen mary St, Queen St, Queen victoria St, Queensgrove Rd, Queensview Dr, Quesnel Dr, Quigg Pvt, Quill St, Quinlan Rd, Quinn Cres, Quinterra Crt, Quinton St, Rachael Ave, Radstock Pvt, Raglan Ave, Rahul Cres, Railway St, Rainier St, Rainsford Ave, Raj Terr, Raleigh St, Ralph St, Ramsey Cres, Ramsgate Pvt, Rand Ave, Randall Ave, Range Rd, Rankin St, Rastila Cres, Ratan Crt, Raven Ave, Ravenhill Ave, Raymond St, Reardon Pvt, Rector Ave, Redtail Pvt, Redwood Ave, Reeves Cres, Regency Terr, Regent St, Regina Lane, Regina St, Regis Ave, Reid Ave, Reid haven Rd, Rembrandt Rd, Remembrance Cres, Remic Ave, Renfield Rd, Renfrew Ave, Renouf Ave, Renova Pvt, Reubens Crt, Revelstoke Dr, Rex Ave, Rhapsody Lane, Rhodes Cres, Rhodes Crt, Rialto Way, Rice Ave, Rich little Dr, Richard Ave, Richardson Ave, Richlin Cres, Richmond Rd, Riddell Ave, Rideau garden Dr, Rideau Gate, Rideau glen Dr, Rideau Pl, Rideau river Dr, Rideau river Lane, Rideau St, Rideau Terr, Rideauview Terr, Rideout Cres, Ridgecrest Pl, Ridgemont Ave, Ridgeway Ave, Ridgewood Ave, Ridley Blvd, Riga Pvt, Rigel Pvt, Riley Ave, Ring Lane, Ritchie St, River garden Pvt, River Lane, River Rd, River St, Riverdale Ave, Rivergate Way, Riverside Dr, Riviera Dr, Roanoke St, Rob roy Ave, Robert St, Robillard Pvt, Robin Lane, Robinson Ave, Rochester St, Rock Ave, Rockcliffe Pky, Rockcliffe Way, Rockhurst Rd, Rockingham Ave, 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We Represent Criminal Clients in Ottawa Ontario

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Matthew and his firm are the best advocates for people in need of help because they have hearts. For them, it’s not about the money. It’s about the person that they are defending and advocating for. They handle their cases with such passion and conviction and will go to the end of the earth to get the best outcome for their client. This is what makes them the best in the country.

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Janice Benatar

Areas of Practice


There are numerous ways an individual can commit arson under the Criminal Code, and the penalties can be severe. Depending on level of damage and injury caused, one can face a maximum punishment of life imprisonment.

Assault with a Weapon

Assault with a weapon is a more serious charge than “simple assault”, but is a very broadly defined type of offence. A person can be charged with assault with a weapon even if they did not actually strike the other person. Depending on the context in which it is used, any item can be considered a “weapon”.

Bail Hearings

The first step after a person is charged with any offence is determining how they will be released pending the outcome of their case. People who have criminal records or are facing serious charges are often held for a bail hearing.

Bail Reviews

If a person is denied bail, they may bring a Bail Review. Bail Reviews require a review of the bail hearing proceedings and the legal and factual issues involved at the bail hearing. They require the preparation of specific materials that must be filed with the reviewing Court.

Breach of Probation

Failure to abide by the terms of your probation order can result in new, additional criminal charges. The penalties you can face for a breach of probation charge may be more serious than the original sentence you were serving.

Break & Enter

Breaking and entering is a very serious offence that has the potential to result in a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. “Home invasions” are a more serious category to this type of charge. A person can be charged with break & entering even if no items are stolen.

Careless Driving

Careless Driving is a quasi-criminal offence prosecuted under the Highway Traffic Act. What is considered careless driving is extremely broad, and the penalties can include fines, jail time, a driving suspension, the loss of demerit points, and increased insurance rates.

Charter Applications

Under Canadian laws, everyone is granted specific fundamental rights under The Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If applicable to the case, potential Charter violations could result in the exclusion of important evidence or a stay of proceedings.

Child Pornography

Being accused of a child pornography offence can be both shocking and terrifying. Defendants with experienced criminal defence counsel, like those at Caramanna Friedberg, are best situated to control their legal jeopardy and limit the damage to their reputation.


It only takes agreement between two people to form a conspiracy, and police can charge you for one even if you never took any other steps to commit the alleged offence. It is important to have legal assistance and representation when facing a conspiracy charge, not just because of the relatively low evidentiary threshold the prosecution needs to meet in a conspiracy case, but also because conspiracy cases often involve complex and nuanced exceptions to normal evidentiary rules that can easily trip-up those unfamiliar with criminal law.

Coroner's Inquests

A Coroner’s Inquest is a public hearing that investigates the who, what, when, where and how of a person’s death. Depending on the circumstances of the person’s death, sometimes a Coroner’s inquest is mandatory.

Corporate Criminal Due Diligence

Because corporations can be found criminally liable for the actions of even relatively low-level employees, criminal and quasi-criminal liability is a significant legal and reputational risk for corporate entities. Getting the legal advice necessary to engage in active due diligence can help reduce this risk to a manageable level and ensure you have legal defences ready if employees go

Criminal Appeals

There are a myriad of reasons why a judicial decision requires the appellate review. It is open to both Crown and Defence to appeal a judge’s decision regarding the accused’s conviction and/or sentence.

Criminal Harassment

The type of behaviour that falls under the offence of Criminal Harassment ranges from repeated texts all the way to stalking or threatening. The potential penalties vary depending on the factual matrix and how aggravating the conduct was.

Dangerous Offender Applications

A dangerous offender application by prosecutors can lead to the permanent loss of a defendant’s liberty. Defending against such an application requires both careful planning and the experience to navigate complex law and factual circumstances.

Dangerous Operation

Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle can result in serious jail time and mandatory minimum fines depending on whether how the Crown elects to prosecute. What is considered “dangerous” driving behaviour involves an assessment of many factors.

Domestic Assault

Charges involving a “domestic” relationship are sometimes more complex and are often dealt with differently in the criminal Courts than an assault against a stranger or a bar fight, for example.

Driving While Prohibited

Driving while prohibited from doing so can attract charges under both the Criminal Code and the Highway Traffic Act. Regardless of the legislation, one is charged under, the penalties may include fines, jail time, driving prohibition orders, and insurance implications.

Drug Offences

Drug-related offences are among some of the more serious charges prosecuted in Canada and more often than not, involve Charter litigation of some sort. Possession, trafficking, production and importing are all types of drug offences that can come with serious long term consequences if convicted.

Environmental Prosecutions

Environmental laws seeking to prevent pollution and protect resources place a very strict and heavy onus on both individuals and businesses to comply with certain standards. Violations for these regulatory types of charges can result in very hefty fines and occasionally, jail time upon conviction.


If a person is alleged to have committed a crime in another country, extradition laws may demand that the person be “delivered” by Canada to that country to face the charges. Extradition hearings and appeals are a critical part of that process.

Fail to Remain / Failure to Stop

Failing to remain or stop at the scene of an accident can result in charges under both the Criminal Code and the Highway Traffic Act. While the potential penalties can be serious, including mandatory minimum fines and/or jail time, there are various defences available which relate to the personal circumstances and knowledge of the accused.

Fingerprint Destruction

When a person is charged with an offence, part of the arrest procedure involves the police taking your fingerprints and photographs. If you are found not guilty or your charges are withdrawn, or you receive a non-conviction result, you can apply to have your fingerprints and photographs taken upon arrest destroyed, sometimes after a specific period of time.


Fraud encompasses a very broad spectrum of criminal activity under Canadian criminal law and can carry severe penalties, depending on the type of fraud and level of sophistication alleged. Findings of guilt for these types of offences also have serious implications on a person’s future including employment.

Highway Traffic Act Offences

The Highway Traffic Act are regulatory offences that can come with severe penalties such as hefty fines or even jail time. Convictions for most of these offences will often also effect a person’s vehicle insurance and ability to drive.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking offences are very serious charges that relate to recruiting or controlling the movement of people for explorative purposes. These charges are most commonly seen alongside (relatively) less-serious charges around the commodification of sexual services in relation to conduct colloquially known as “pimping.”

Identity Theft

The offence of Identity Theft targets certain conduct taken to prepare for various offences involving fraud, deceit, or falsehood. If police, rightly or wrongly, think you are collecting certain information for that criminal purpose you can be charged with Identity Theft without ever committing, or even attempting, any other crime.

Immigration Prosecutions

Offences under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act can have very serious consequences.

Impaired Driving (DUI)

Impaired driving offences in Ontario are a criminal category of driving offences that are very strictly prosecuted and are subject to mandatory minimum penalties. These offences can involve more than what people think of as “drunk driving”.


Importing is one of the most serious category of offences under Canadian criminal and regulatory laws. Importing drugs is a common category of this offence. However, a person can also be charged with other “contraband” substances or items without appropriate licences and compliance with Canadian importing regulations.

Internet Related Charges

The widespread use of the internet in our society has expanded the types of offences people can face under this category. From “cyber-bullying” to criminal harassment to possession or transmission of child pornography, crimes involving the investigation or use of the internet can turn simple matters into extremely complex cases involving Charter litigation and privacy laws.

License Suspensions

A driver’s licence suspension can have a devastating impact on people’s lives. Whether facing criminal charges are not, there are various reasons why one’s licence may be suspended, and the length of the suspension will depend on a number of factors.


Mischief encompasses a broad spectrum of activity under the Criminal Code, and the penalties vary significantly depending on the type of mischief and the complexity of the matter.

Murder / Culpable Homicide

Murder is the most serious crime a person can be charged with in this country. The amount of proof regarding the “planning” and “deliberation” of the murder is a key consideration for whether a person will be charged with first degree, second degree or manslaughter.

Obstruction of Justice

The criminal justice system takes charges of Obstruction of Justice and Obstruction of Police very seriously. It is important to obtain legal representation that takes your case just as seriously, and has the expertise to navigate the nuances of these broadly constructed prohibitions


If a person has been found guilty of any criminal offence, they may be eligible to apply for what is now called a Record Suspension after a certain period of time. The types of charges, the sentences the person received and the dates they were sentenced are all key factors in determining whether a person would qualify or not.

Parole Hearings

Parole Hearings are unique proceedings at the post-conviction stage. There are numerous federal statues, including the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, that guide the Parole Board of Canada when it comes to assessing parole eligibility.

Peace Bonds

A peace bond is a court order issued by a judge. It is an agreement entered into whereby a person promises to keep the peace and be of good behaviour, in addition to other potential conditions, for a specific period of time. A peace bond does not require an individual to plead guilty or admit fault. You can either enter into a peace bond as an accused, or apply to obtain a peace bond against someone else.


The law defines possession very broadly based on “knowledge, consent and control”. That is why a person can be charged with possession of illicit drugs or a weapon for simply being in the same place where the item was found.


Regardless of how large or small the quantity of drugs, you can face jail time and other penalties for growing marijuana or producing other controlled substances. The severity of the punishment will depend on many factors, including the Accused prior history, the type of drug and the amount of drugs involved.

Professional Disciplinary Proceedings

Doctors, nurses, teachers and lawyers are a few examples of professionals who are governed by regulatory bodies that impose rules and bylaws that must be followed by their profession. Any rule-breaking can result in the person facing disciplinary sanctions that could impact whether or not they are allowed to continue working in that field.

Professional Regulation

Doctors, nurses, teachers and lawyers are a few examples of professionals who are governed by regulatory bodies that impose rules and bylaws that must be followed by their profession. Any rule-breaking can result in the person facing disciplinary sanctions that could impact whether or not they are allowed to continue working in that field.

Quasi-Criminal Prosecutions

There are many federal and provincial laws in addition to the criminal offences under the Criminal Code and Controlled Substances Act that result in penalties that can be as severe as the ones found in criminal law. Convictions for these “quasi-criminal” offences can include hefty fines and even jail time.


Robbery often involves the use or threat of force while stealing or attempting to steal property. For example, a person can be charged with robbery for demanding another person’s phone or wallet, even if there is no weapon involved.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault and other sex-related offences are among the most serious criminal charges a person can face. If convicted, these charges have serious penalties that include the potential for stigmatization and jeopardizing future job prospects.

Tax Prosecutions

Tax evasion and falsifying or filing misleading information in tax returns can result in criminal or quasi-criminal charges with severe penalties including hefty fines and sometimes even jail time. This is a complex category of offences involving overlapping areas of law and multiple statutes.


Theft is a broad category of property-related offences that can come with severe penalties depending on the circumstances. From a simple shop-lifting type of charge to large-scale “white-collar” fraud schemes, a conviction for theft can have serious long-term consequences for a person found guilty of this offence.


Drug Trafficking cases should be taken very seriously. In addition to imprisonment, a conviction for this offence can have significant consequences on one’s life and liberty. It is imperative to have an experienced defence lawyer to represent you if you are charged.

Uttering Threats

There are numerous ways to commit the offence of uttering threats, and the potential punishment will depend on how the threat was made and any collateral consequences to the threat. An assessment of whether something amounts to a “threat” is highly contextual.


Voyeurism is the offence of secretly watching or recording someone in certain private circumstances or for a sexual purpose. It is also illegal to share voyeuristic recordings or possess them for the purpose of sharing them. Voyeurism captures a wide array of conduct and the defences available to it are legally and factually nuanced.

Weapons Offences

Weapons-related offences are also among some of the more serious charges prosecuted in Canada. The specific use of any item, depending on the context, can lead to allegations involving “weapons”.

Youth Criminal Justice Act

The Canadian criminal justice system allows youth to be treated differently from adults in most situations when they are charged with a criminal offence. If a person is between the ages of 12 and 17 and are charged with a criminal offence, the prosecution of the case must follow the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

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