Award Winning Criminal Lawyers Accepting Cases in Willowridge-Martingrove-Richview Toronto Ontario

From October 4 to 29, 2021, Canadian Lawyer Magazine conducted a survey to select the top boutique criminal law firms in Canada. From an extensive list of candidates, respondents ranked the top firms in this category in Canada, including Toronto in the Region in Ontario. Survey participants were asked to rank the top criminal law firms by region. Voters chose ten top boutique criminal law firms in Ontario, with Caramanna Friedberg LLP being selected as one of the top ten.

Willowridge-Martingrove-Richview Toronto Criminal Lawyers

Caramanna Friedberg LLP accepts criminal clients from the Willowridge-Martingrove-Richview neighbourhood. The neighbourhood, Willowridge-Martingrove-Richview is located in central Etobicoke. The neighbourhood boundary for Willowridge-Martingrove-Richview starts at the intersection of Highway 401 and Dixon Road. The boundary continues East on Dixon Road to Kipling Avenue. At Kipling Avenue, the boundary then continues South to The Westway. At the intersection of Kipling Avenue and The Westway, the boundary then continues East along The Westway to Royal York Road. At Royal York Road, the boundary continues South to Eglinton Avenue West. At Eglinton Avenue West, the boundary continues West to Highway 427. The boundary then continues North along Highway 427 to Highway 401. At Highway 401, the boundary then continues North-East back to Dixon Road.

About Willowridge-Martingrove-Richview

Willowridge-Martingrove-Richview is predominantly residential, with middle class incomes. Housing in the neighbourhood primarily consists of single-family homes. The street patterns are organized in a similar way to many post-World War II suburbs, with winding roads and cul-de-sacs. Local plazas are located at the intersections of the main streets.


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