Independent Legal Advice Lawyer in Toronto

If you are not sure if you have a family law issue, you may benefit from seeking independent legal advice from our office.   We can meet with you to discuss the potential case and devise a plan as to what the next steps should be.  Our consultations are completely confidential and we work to provide you with the best direction to make your decision.   

You may be in need of independent legal advice if you are an additional party to a family law proceeding.  For example, perhaps you are a grandparent of a child whose parents are going through custody and access issues and you have been named as a witness or a party to the proceedings.   

Finally, any type of domestic contract requires both parties to obtain independent legal advice before signing.  A party can waive their right to independent legal advice; however it is important that party is fully aware of what rights they are waiving before making the decision.  

If you are in need of family law advice, please contact our office at any time to set up an appointment:  416-924-5969.