Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer in Toronto

Marriage contracts (often known as ‘prenuptial agreements’), are used by couples to set out terms in advance of the marriage.  Cohabitation agreements are used for couples who are not married and are not contemplating marriage. Cohabitation agreements may deal with the division of property for unmarried couples to avoid potential litigation down the road.

Marriage contracts often deal with how property is to be divided upon separation of spouses.  They can include terms that set out exclusive possession of the matrimonial home, or how to deal with particular property that is brought into the marriage.  Marriage contracts also deal with how assets are distributed upon death.  

As society continues to change and evolve, more and more people are entering into their second or third marriages.   This is where marriage contracts become increasingly important, as there may be children from prior marriages who may not be entitled to certain assets if a marriage contract is not in existence.  

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