Domestic Assault Lawyer in Toronto

What is Domestic Assault?

Domestic Assault Lawyer in Toronto Ontario

If you are charged with a Domestic Assault, your life instantly changes. When faced with a charge that can turn your world upside down, you need a lawyer with the experience and track record to ensure your rights are vigorously defended.

Families at the earliest stages of the criminal process are often torn apart.

If released on bail, an Accused will likely have strict conditions preventing any communication with the spouse. Charges of Domestic Assault generally ban the Accused from the family home.

In this stressful, tumultuous time, a lawyer can argue for variations to bail conditions. These variations can mitigate the life-altering circumstances in which an Accused finds themselves, and, where appropriate, can sometimes pave the path to reconciliation.

Domestic and Spousal Assault

There is no separate offence of Domestic or Spousal Assault in the Criminal Code. Given the sensitive nature of assaults committed within personal relationships, many courthouses in the GTA have created specialized courtrooms, staffed by prosecutors that deal exclusively with cases of Assault where the Accused and Complainant are intimate partners.

To be classified as a Domestic Assault for the purposes of these courts, the Accused and Complainant need not be married. The relationship can be any personal relationship between two people; whether they are dating, living together, common law, or married. Relationships can be between a woman and a man or same sex partners.

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