Professional Disciplinary Proceedings Lawyer in Toronto

What is a Licensing Body?

Regulatory organizations and licensing bodies oversee and govern many professionals and their conduct. These organizations have the ability to investigate and discipline regulated professionals where appropriate.

What is a Professional Disciplinary Proceeding?

Professional Disciplinary Proceedings Lawyer in Toronto Ontario Sometimes a complaint made to a licensing body against a professional can trigger an investigation and a subsequent disciplinary proceeding against the professional in question. If a finding of professional misconduct is made, licensing bodies generally have the power to institute various forms of punishment, including, but not limited to, a suspension or revocation of the licence to practice. Disciplinary proceedings are extremely serious. Because they can disrupt your ability to work, they must be handled with care and fastidious attention to detail.

What if you are Charged Criminally?

If a professional is criminally charged, he or she may have a duty to report this to their licensing body. Failure to do so may result in serious consequences. Licensing bodies will often closely monitor the criminal proceedings. Depending on the outcome, they will take action against the professional to ensure the public's interest.

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