What Crimes Are Inadmissible To Canada?

Some individuals will be prohibited from entering Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. A person may be inadmissible for the following reasons:

  • Security reason
  • Human or international rights violations
  • Committing or being convicted of a crime
  • Organized crime, including membership in an organization that takes part in organized criminal activity, people smuggling or money laundering
  • A medical condition that endangers public health and safety or causes excessive demand on health and social services
  • Financial reasons
  • Misrepresentation (i.e. providing false information or withholding information)
  • Failure to comply with any provision of the IRPA; or
  • having an inadmissible family member.

Specifically with records to criminal convictions, under section 36(1) of the IRPA, a permanent resident or foreign national is inadmissible to enter Canada where he or she was convicted of an offence under an Act of Parliament punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least 10 years, OR of an offence under an Act of Parliament for which a term of imprisonment of more than six months has been imposed.



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