What Happens When You Are Charged With Impaired Driving In Ontario?

DUI offences are very technical in nature. It is important to reach out to a criminal defence DUI lawyer who has experience representing clients that have been charged with these types of offences. DUI offences can vary in terms of their severity. The severity is dictated by a number of different factors that include but are not limited to; if there was an accident, if there were children in the motor vehicle or conveyance, if there was any damage to property (whether it be private property or public property), if anyone sustained bodily harm during the DUI offence, and if there were any fatalities during the DUI offence.

In addition to an analysis of the DUI charge, DUI offences are also typically analyzed with respect to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. These rights include but are not limited to; Right to Counsel issues, Delay issues, Compelled Statements, and privacy interest. Although DUI offences as a whole include similarities to one another, assessments are conducted on a case-by-case basis. This is important give the fact that 2 DUI offences can be similar in nature but present different availability of defences.

Additionally, there are certain cases that present unique circumstances as well that have not been subjected to litigation. Given the experience of counsel with DUI offences, all possible defences available are assessed and examined for viability. This applies to defences that have been successfully litigated in the past as well as novel defences that have never been litigated or seldomly litigated.

DUI arrests and charges can present time sensitive options, therefore it is imperative to connect with a criminal defence DUI lawyer who has experience defending these types of offences immediately. The immediacy can include but is not limited to; the collection of evidence from the scene of the incident, attending the scene of the incident, the collection of evidence from the client, interviewing possible witnesses and collecting evidence from them that could be invaluable, ascertaining whether there was any surveillance footage from the area that could be useful in mounting a defence, and speaking to a criminal defence DUI lawyer to ensure a client's Charter rights are protected.



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