What Are The Potential Penalties For Robbery?

<p>Under the Criminal Code of Canada, Robbery is deemed one of the more serious offences. Given that it is a straight indictable offence, you will have the right to a trial in the Superior Court of Justice, and you may exercise your right to be tried by a jury. If you are found guilty, the charge of Robbery is punishable by a sentence of up to life in prison.</p>

<p>If a <a href="https://cflaw.ca/toronto-assault-with-a-weapon-lawyer"><u>firearm</u></a>, or an imitation thereof is used in the commission of a Robbery, mandatory minimum sentences of incarceration are imposed should you be convicted.</p>

<p>There are many factors that will exacerbate the severity of a Robbery allegation, including, but not limited to, an offender's age and criminal record. Other factors are:</p>

<ul type="disc">

      <li>The use of any <a href="https://cflaw.ca/toronto-all-weapons-offences-lawyer">weapons</a>;</li>

      <li>The degree of violence used;</li>

      <li>Any injuries that were caused to the complainant;</li>

      <li>The vulnerability of the complainant;</li>

      <li>The value of the stolen property, etc.</li>




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