Are There Other Sexual Offences In The Criminal Code Of Canada?

In addition to sexual assault, here are numerous sexual offences under the Criminal Code, including, but not limited to:

  • Sexual Assault with a Weapon;
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault;
  • Sexual Interference;
  • Invitation to Sexual Touching;
  • Sexual Exploitation;
  • Sexual Exploitation of Person with a Disability;
  • Luring a child for a sexual purpose;
  • Making sexually explicit material available to a child;
  • Child Pornography;
  • Incest;
  • Bestiality;
  • Indecent Acts;
  • Obtaining Sexual Services;
  • Obtaining a Material Benefit from Sexual Services;
  • Parent or Guardian Procuring Sexual Activity;
  • Householder Permitting Sexual Activity;
  • Procuring Sexual Services; and
  • Voyeurism;



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