What Are The Potential Penalties From The Youth Criminal Justice Act?

The maximum length of sentences under the YCJA is 2 to 10 years imprisonment. However, the emphasis in youth matters is on "Extrajudicial Sanctions" or EJS. EJS are out of court measures used to hold a young person accountable for their criminal conduct.

There are various types of extrajudicial sanctions, including:

  • Writing an apology letter;
  • Writing an essay;
  • Community service hours of volunteer work;
  • Compensating the victim; and
  • Attending specialized programs.

The following offences are ineligible for EJS:

  • murder, manslaughter, infanticide, criminal negligence causing death
  • driving offences causing death or bodily harm
  • aggravated assault
  • simple impaired driving or driving with a prohibited blood alcohol concentration or refusing to provide a breath sample
  • offences involving firearms
  • criminal organization offences
  • terrorism offences
  • kidnapping
  • voyeurism
  • child abuse and child luring
  • home invasions
  • human trafficking offences
  • robbery
  • sexual assault cause bodily harm
  • sexual interference and exploitation, invitation to sexual touching and incest
  • any offences where the Attorney General's consent was obtained to initiate proceedings.



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